How the generation of the 60s sees our nation

So I started reading this business book. I found it on the clearance rack at a big box book store. As I read it, something began to dawn on me of how the hippies have taken over our government. Then, I looked at the copyright date in the book and it was written in 1987. But, what I realized as I read a chapter that talked about the fact big business had grown too big and the need for small businesses that grow bigger because they meet customers’ needs. As I read this I thought two things. One is that we are back where we were in the mid 80s and the second was that this book really describes how we got where we are politically. By this I mean that the beliefs of the 60s may have been quiet for a long time. But, by having a man who only knows what he has learned from hippies and communists, they were awoken and their beliefs that big business bad have become mainstream. Forget all they have learned since their days as hippies. Somehow, they have decided to go back to their days of trusting no one over 30, even though most of them are now considered to be seniors (think of the eligible age for the big lobbyist group for seniors.)

What is great at the same time is that those who see the need for business over government have been awoken as well. While the hippies may have elected the placeholder, the conservatives are fighting for this country.

I have realized a lot of this prior to reading the couple of chapters I have read in this book. But, reading the business analysis by a former hippie in the age of Reagan, just helped me put all the pieces together. Now, I do wonder how these hippies who supported the placeholder are going to feel when they realize that he expects them to die peacefully based on the government’s schedule and not God.


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