Healthcare promises and healthcare realities

Remember when the placeholder said that if you were happy with your health care you would not be forced to change. Actually, what he said was that if not, then the alternative plan would be the same as what federal employees currently receive. If that is so, then why does Congress not want to sign up for the same plan?

Well, according to this article, he lied unless he vetos the healthcare bill that he wants to be passed by August. I have heard a lot of things that are in this bill that are not being discussed. Such as that people will be hired to visit homes to ensure that you are doing what you are supposed to do, such as vaccines. Isn’t that what visits to the doctor is supposed to be about? Also, our tax dollars will go to not providing health care but to doing things like building walking paths. While people are losing their jobs, the placeholder wants to make sure that we have places to walk so we can lose weight. Yep, I think not being able to buy food will help with the losing weight before a walking path. Besides, that should be up to local government not federal government.

But, the biggest thing about this bill is that the unions are exempt for the bill. Congressmen and women were as well, unless the amendment that Senator Coburn added is included in the final plan.

From WSJ The Coburn amendment would force members of Congress to use ObamaCare

From New York Post, Placeholder’s promises being broken

In the article notice the part about required counseling for seniors about life ending choices. Aren’t you going to enjoy telling your children why their grandparents died was because the government told them they were too old?


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