Analysis of Sarah Palin

This is a fantastic analysis of Sarah Palin’s decision to step down. I agree with most of the article except the very end. I do hope he is wrong that the GOP won’t be able to take the place-holder down in 2012. I think his comparison to Clinton’s second term is a bit off. Even I voted for Clinton for the first term and I don’t know who I voted for in 1996. I just closed my eyes and picked a lever. Clinton has a charisma that won a lot of people over. And, the GOP didn’t sell Dole the right way, just as they did to McCain/Palin last year. But, it is too early for a front runner to be out there. Also, how many times have the front runners in the news now become yesterday’s news by the time we are going to primaries?

American Thinker

I will have to say that I do agree that she made the right decision for Alaska. Parnell can now run as the incumbent in 2010 and continue what she has put in place in the state. She can do whatever she wants without having those who find fault with whatever she does hindering her ability to serve the state as she says the state the money of having to defend her. Finally, she is able to do what she does best and help the GOP. As long as they don’t try to destroy her. Because of the GOP continues to tie her down they will tying themselves down.


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