Just some thoughts

Here is the thing, I have no political experience. But, I am mad and fed up. I am thinking of running for political office in 2010. My rep voted for the Cap and Trade. He wasn’t one of the 8 Cap and Traitors, but he still voted for something that was not in his constituents best interest. If he wants to vote for his party then he needs to get elected by his party not by those who are in his district. I don’t think I have what is needed to run, but at the same time maybe I need to use that as what sets me apart. I won’t allow party politics to rule me. I want to go back to the days when it was district first.



One thought on “Just some thoughts

  1. TXMom says:

    I enourage you to network with your tea parties’ organizers and run for office. I found that the grassroots organization is improving and growing quite rapidly.

    Our district has a very liberal Dem. congressman who does not consider the people’s interests and votes straight party line. At the upcoming July 4 tea party, four people from the tea party movement will be speaking. They are all running against our congressman. Of course, at the tea parties, they are not allowed to campaign. They will speak, however, on the current issues in congress. We are so very excited to meet all of them and think about who we will vote for in the primaries. As I understand, these people are just like you and me……..fed up. The best way for us to achieve lasting change is to start locally and continue to build our base. Go for it!

    P.S. Who was a mom, a mayor, and is now a strong and wonderful Governor in Alaska?

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