What has happened to customer service

At first I thought that this topic had nothing to do with politics and then I realized it did. I went to a nice resort for a couple of days. You know the kind where they are there to serve you and anticipate your needs before you realize it. Then, this morning, I stopped by my favorite coffee shop for my favorite drink. In doing so, I thought of how much more these things cost then if I just went somewhere else. In other words, I am paying more because of the way I get treated. It is kind of back to the good ole days when the customer was always right. I know, a lot of businesses got scammed so many times they know refuse to think that any customer is on the up and up. Or maybe, after my one hour layover turned into a four hour layover, the service provider can’t provide good service anymore so we just have to learn to deal with it. Now, thinking about some of the form emails I have gotten back in regards to David Letterman. They act like care that a customer is not happy but at the same time it is apparent that if one customer leaves another will appear.

So, what has happened to customer service? Why do we have to search out companies that pride themselves on training their employees how to behave and what to say? Are you someone who would pay more for better customer service or happy to pay less no matter how bad the customer service?

With all that in my mind, it dawned on me that politicians are the same way. We have to search out and find the ones who will treat us with respect. Some seem to have the attitude that if we don’t like how they act they will find others who will vote to keep them in office. What has happened to the idea that Congress and the President are elected to serve this country not the country here to serve them.

You know with all the talk about socialism, one big difference of between a democracy and socialism is whether the citizens are served or do the serving. We need to stand up and refuse to serve them anymore because they are here to serve us. Why should they get a different insurance than the public plan that Obama is supporting. Didn’t he say time and time again that the public plan would be exactly like the ones that Congress has? Well, I guess that is another lie he is telling.

I guess he doesn’t realize that he is here to serve us and he better learn how to provide customer service to the masses that he serves.


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