Obama – a leader leads he doesn’t follow popular opinion

I haven’t spoken out about the Iran revolution because my opinions are the same as many of the blogs I read and I felt like they said what I feel better than I. But, the whole time one thing has bothered me about the fact that Obama has not spoken out about the revolution. He didn’t speak out because he didn’t have an opinion he wanted to say out loud. I was at the point where I didn’t care what his message was going to be, I wanted him to be a leader and take a side in the revolution. I may not agree with what he said, but at least he has shown he is a leader by articulating the path he thinks that the USA should take. It is kind of important that he speak out on this because he is the leader of this country. Without saying anything he left the USA hanging. I heard it said that by not saying anything he was saying he was supporting the current regime. To me not saying anything was a sign of weakness. If you can’t take a stand then you are not a leader. If you can’t guide people in understanding your stand then you are not a leader. It is sad that charisma is seen as important in the president when leadership is the most important trait for the president to have. Whether we agree or disagree with him, the president has to be a strong enough leader to take an stand on an issue. You can’t vote present when you are president. Alas, he is trying to vote present and it will cost human lives.

That is my opinion on Mr Current President and the Iran revolution. My prayers are with those who are standing up against the Iranian government in hopes of getting their freedom back. I hope that Mr Current President learns from this… young people will stand up for something they can believe in. I hope that citizens of the USA never have to stand up to keep our freedom.


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