Sounds like jealousy is what makes some desire Obamacare

This is one of those articles I read that I don’t want to link to. The article is an interview with Mr Current President’s former doctor. The headline on Drudge says that he knocks Obamacare. Well, as reading the article, he actually says that Obama’s plan doesn’t do enough. He does say one thing I agree with and that is that he thinks that it needs to be harder to file malpractice suits and there needs to be caps on it. I worry about caps because what about the few cases where there should be no cap. In my personal experience I think there are times when malpractice is threatened or filed in order to get out of paying bills. I have seen cases where there was malpractice and people don’t sue while minor things become huge malpractice cases. But, I am not a lawyer, just speaking from people I know with their medical experiences. Once again, I digress from my big point. What got me more than anything else was what he said about doctors being paid. If a doctor is good, then I have no problem with the fact that they get paid a lot of money. Look at how many hours of school and work that they put in so that they can be doctors. I also think that surgeons deserve making really big bucks because of how difficult the surgery that they do can be and how long it takes for them to do it, especially in the case of vascular surgeons or neurosurgeons.

But, in this article, the doctor in one paragraph says that neurosurgeons should be paid less money. He says that they can survive on $1 million a year instead of $3 million a year so they don’t need to make that amount. Okay, so basically he is saying that the market can’t control what a doctor makes. Then, a bit later he complains about how little he gets paid as a general practitioner. He only gets paid $22 per visit. It came across as jealousy that some doctors are able to make a lot more money than he makes just because they spent the time, money and energy to specialize.


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