FDR plans didn’t work for FDR and won’t work for Obama

This post is kind of a thought process for me. I had a realization this morning why so much of what Mr Current President has put in his spending our tax dollar bills are shovel ready. He is following what supposedly worked for FDR. We do benefit for a lot of what FDR did with the CCC. However, our country was much more agricultural in the 30s so there were more men who were able to do that type of work. So, a quick way to create work for people in our society according to Mr Current President seems to be shovel ready. What is interesting to me is that a lot of the shovel ready work seems to be to build roads type projects. As he plans to raise taxes on gas so that we won’t drive as well. That makes a lot of sense right. Yep, just about as much sense as having shovel ready work when our work environment has become so technology driven.


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