The 70s shaped my life and taught me to stand for my rights

So I was talking to a friend the other day about what is going on in this country. It was kind of funny because of the books and movies that we mentioned. We both have read A Brave New World numerous times. Thanks to a high school teacher who introduced us to that book. Then, Margaret Atwood’s book A Handmaiden Tale came up because of the sexism that is alive and well in this country. I remembered a movie from the 70s that I saw that really impacted me and probably is the reason why I am pro-choice. I saw the other side of the argument where you could not be allowed to have children. That movie was ZPG (Zero Population Growth.) But, what is interesting about all the movies and books we discussed is that all were about taking our rights away and having us act robotically. We are not allowed to think for ourselves. Is that what we want in this country? Do you really want the government to make choices for you on most aspects of your lives? Or do you want to be unique individuals who are wise enough to make your own choices? It is all up to you whether you support losing your rights or standing up for democracy.


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