Hear my voice, I didn’t want Government Motors and I don’t want Government Health

I am a Christian. I still have questions at time why someone dies very young while an older person in poor health lingers on. It is part of life and death. In that we have no control over what happens. Why is it that a young woman gets diagnosed with cancer and goes through treatment after treatment but ends up dying while an older person gets diagnosed with cancer and ends up going through one treatment and goes into remission. There is no way to determine who will live and who will die when it comes diagnosis of a disease. But, yet, that is what Mr Current President’s healthcare plan involves. There is a board that was created in the stimulus bill that will determine based on a person’s age whether or not it will be cost effective to treat that person. It seems the one thing they don’t realize is that they have no clue about the future and whether or not the treatment will be successful. But, yet they fill that this board can play god in people’s lives to decide who will live and die.

Why are we rolling over and letting DC take this control over our lives? We have fought for our freedom and to make decisions in our lives, but now we seem to just want to let them control every aspect of our lives. Including simple behavior of what we put in our mouths. We need to fight for our right to make choices!



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