Sad realization

I just finished watching Jon Voight on Glenn Beck. I remember him from back in his leftie days and I have been surprised that he is now more on the right side. Glenn Beck asked him about what changed him. As he talked about the realization of protesting against the Vietnam War and then watching those who were against the war just walking away from the killing that occurred after in Vietnam after the war is what changed him. I realized something, I hate to admit that I just figured it out considering that I consider myself of child of history. But, in my defense Vietnam was never taught to me as history and it wasn’t a current event either. It was virtually ignored while I was growing up. But, what I sadly realized is that those who protested against the war did not do so because of the soldiers who gave their lives, they did so because they were against the democracy of the USA. They wanted the communists to win, and when they did they were done.

Now, the are at it again. Not out there getting mad about the war but against democracy.

What a sad future we will have if we let them protest our democracy away


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