Taxes and fines will pay for healthcare

So now Obama has decided that the way to fund healthcare is to tax the rich even more. He really seems to think that the rich are a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow that continually has money that can be taxed. Doesn’t he realize that a lot of those that he considers to be rich are small businesses? Hasn’t he noticed that tax revenue is down by about 35% this year? Doesn’t he get it that by taxing people, it will change behavior and it will be in ways so that they pay less tax? Hasn’t he heard the argument that if we ALL were taxed at 100% that it would not raise enough money to fund his budget?

But, there was something else in the article that really concerned me. It is this comment about fining people who do not have insurance, but he would look the other way if they can’t afford it. What does this mean? Will he now tell us the type of insurance we have to have?

From Bloomberg

House Democrats are weighing a new proposal in response to Obama’s call for legislation to be enacted by August. An outline of the plan obtained by Bloomberg News would require Americans to have insurance with some exceptions.

It would probably exempt those who can prove they can’t find an affordable policy. There could be a tax penalty for those with adequate financial resources who don’t elect to get insurance, according to the outline.

I got to say that what comes to mind is that it feels like he is forcing us to have insurance in a way that will basically increase revenue for insurance companies and some of that revenue may come from taxes. I wonder how much his plan is going to be similar to Medicare. What a lot of people don’t realize about Medicare is that if a doctor does not accept assignment then the patient is responsible for the entire bill and the insurance company reimburses the patient for the amount that Medicare approved. If a doctor accepts assignment, then the doctor is at the mercy of accepting whatever Medicare decides to pay. Years ago, I learned that most surgeons accepted assignment to ensure payment was received while most general practitioners did not so that they would make the most money off office visits. This isn’t a comment about what was right or wrong, it is just business decisions that were made by doctors. Over time insurance companies began to pay for all services as if doctors accepted assignment. If the amount doctors are paid decreases because of this new plan, I fear that it will lead to doctors deciding to retire early and hospitals closing and higher unemployment numbers in the healthcare field.


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