Democrats have no healthcare plan and have no idea of the cost

But don’t worry they will make something up so that they can pass a healthcare plan for us in the next month.

From Pink Elephant Pundit

Don’t worry about the impact that it will have on our lives, they just want to make sure that everyone has access to healthcare. I guess they are so caught up in their liberal bubble that they don’t realize that hospitals have to care for those who cannot afford to pay and that there are free clinics available as well. I guess they haven’t heard of clinics like that. Wait, though wasn’t that Mrs Current First Lady’s job… finding other hospitals for those who can’t pay.

I’ve said it once and I will say it again. I don’t know how they can make such drastic changes as they want to make without destroying our ability to get any healthcare in the end. In other words their means will lead to an end we won’t like.

In regard to Megyn Kelly, I love this woman. She gets it and is able to find the fault in a person’s argument and bring it as the main point in any argument.


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