Obama and the military

So, I read this article and just felt like it was a gushing about Mr Current President. But, later a statement made in the article really made me mad. It is this comment.

From Yahoo

Obama and his wife, Michelle, have made veterans and military families a priority. His budget proposal includes the largest, single-year funding increase in the last three decades to revamp the Department of Veterans Affairs.

I began to wonder why Mr Current President and Mrs Current First Lady kept having to say that they are making the military such a priority. Other presidents have done a lot without ever saying a word, while they act like they are the first that have ever made it a priority. Then, I remembered that one of his job titles is Commander in Chief. This means he is the highest ranking officer in the military. Why if he is the highest ranking officer in the military does he have to make it such a priority to do his job. Yep, he is pointing out how well he is doing his job of making the military a priority. Let me put it this way, it dawned on me that it was like a receptionist making a big deal over how well he is answering the phone because of the number of calls that come in. Duh! It is that person’s job to answer the phone and if they are doing a good job then they don’t need to talk about what a great job they are doing. But, if they aren’t doing a good job they will act like they are doing a great job so others will think they are and ignore the dropped calls. So, the question is if Mr Current President is so focused on the military than why is he cutting spending for the military?


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