Here’s another tax for the 95% that weren’t going to have a tax increase

So, you remember the 95% of taxpayers that would not see a tax increase? Remember the $13 a week that taxpayers are seeing in their paychecks? Looks like the democrats are looking for money and think that a sales tax will be the way to do it. Nope, they are not looking at the fair tax. They are thinking of a VAT on top of income taxes. Wow, they really just want money without figuring out a way to improve the economy. They just don’t get that the more they tax the less money will be available to be taxed. Last year, I went to Great Britain and I bought very little because of the cost of items because of the VAT added to the items. Yep, rather than spend money that went toward taxes I did without.

They want to raise taxes on gas and utilities so that people will not drive less and keep the air up and heat down, but they don’t seem to get that people will spend less if they are taxed more on other items. If we don’t spend money then it ends up impacting the economy and businesses and eventually increases unemployment.

From Gateway Pundit


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