Now we know why Obama wants to save the NY Times

As if we didn’t know about the connection between Obama and Acorn. But, I doubt we knew that the NY Times sat on a story that would have changed the election.

From Gateway Pundit

The New York Times confirmed yesterday that it killed a story in October that would have shown a close link between ACORN, Project Vote and the Obama campaign. The NY Times killed the investigation before the election that would have shown that Barack Obama’s campaign and the Far Left ACORN Organization were guilty of technical violations of campaign finance law.

In fact, I think that the timing of when this story would have hit would have been about the time they wrote that scathing story on Cindy McCain. You know, Cindy McCain the woman who donates her time, money and energy to jet around the world to help others. Unfortunately, the story they wrote involved asking teenagers about how good a mother she is and bringing up her past drug use. Interesting, they wrote about her drug use but sat on the stories about Obama’s drug use and his close relationship to Acorn.

Interesting, how Acorn is getting so much of OUR money via his budget and his stimulus package and now Obama wants to use OUR money to save the NY Times. I guess he thinks it is okay to use OUR money to pay off his debts for getting him elected. NOPE, it is not alright to use OUR money for that.

I got to say that if we heard that one of our friend’s boyfriends who used her money to pay off his debts we would have just a couple of words for her – Dump the Loser. Interesting that someone like that managed to become president. But, gradually we are hearing more people who are coming to support of those who knew that the friend’s boyfriend was always a loser… and eventually, she will dump him.


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