Our income taxes haven’t gone up…yet

Have you heard the latest? Obama is floating an idea out there that would increase the taxes he could collect to pay off all his spending. Don’t worry, it won’t be an increase of taxes on those who make under $250,000. He wants to add a tax on those sugary drinks. Now, notice he has decided that he won’t tax those that are artificially sweetened, only those who that contain sugar. Here is the thing for me, I can’t drink artificially sweetened drinks. Besides the fact I hate the aftertaste to them, I get physically sick to my stomach with just one sip of a drink that has ben artificially sweetened. So, I guess I will be taxed because of items I select to buy at the grocery store. I began to think about it and wondered if he will stop at just sugary drinks. He is thinking that those who drink the sugary drinks can fund his healthcare plans. Why not tax prepared foods as well or frozen dinners (they tend to be higher in sodium?) Why not tax canned goods since metal is bad for the environment? When I began to see how he was planning on taxing us, I began to just figure I would buy less of whatever he taxes. I began to see that I would end up cooking a lot more at home so I don’t have to buy whatever he is going to tax. But, maybe that his what he has in mind. He is trying to control our actions by taxing whatever he doesn’t want us to do.

He is doing this with the cap and trade tax. He has a belief that we will drive less if we can’t afford to pay the higher tax on gasoline. He forgets that many of us have to drive in order to commute to work. He wants us to use less energy so he will tax us so we will keep the house colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. Nevermind that since we pay the bills on the White House they do as they please.

I wonder what will the next behavior he will want to stop that he will tax at a higher rate. Any guesses?


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