Even if you don’t buy the Sunday paper

You will soon be paying for it. Yep, Obama made a speech at the White House Correspondents dinner and told them that he could not see the country without papers. So, OUR money will soon go to the papers we don’t buy or read so that Obama can save the papers. You know just as he saved the banking industry, the auto industry. Hmm, If I didn’t know better I would begin to wonder if capitalism is dead in the USA since the government is running these major industries. The only reason why I don’t think capitalism is dead is because WE still have a choice on where we can spend the money we make. He can take our money and put it where he wants to put it, but I can decide whether or not I support these industries. Besides, I don’t think it will work. He doesn’t have the experience in the public sector much less the private sector to be successful in making these changes. I just hope that we can live through and survive his plans to turn this country into a socialist country. I would support his plans if he would be truthful about it and if it was what people really wanted. Unfortunately, he has to lie about his true plans and so he is getting support based on the lies he tells not the truths he hides.

From Gateway Pundit
Another from Gateway Pundit

Isn’t it interesting that they can still make fun of Bush and conservatives who are no longer in power but not a joke about Obama’s policies at a roast for Obama.


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