Kerry wants to help papers stay in the past rather than help them move to the 21st century

Why get your news from newspapers? Look at what Kerry is busy doing.

Love this quote from the article. From Yahoo (note not a newspaper)

Without newspapers, Kerry and other lawmakers said at a Senate subcommittee hearing Wednesday, there will be too few journalists investigating governments, companies and individuals.

“I think there are definitely some things we can do to encourage, to help the situation without stepping over any line,” Kerry told Reuters after holding a hearing on the future of journalism.

Kerry, chairman of the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Communications, was referring to the idea that federal, state and local governments should not offer subsidies or other financial help to newspapers because it would make them beholden to politicians. This, in turn, could discourage critical stories or investigations.

Kerry, why don’t you look forward and realize that it could be that we are no longer getting our news from papers. Even the free newspaper junk mail goes directly in the trash. If I want to find out the news, I just use the internet. They are stuck in the 19th century and need to look at moving into the 21st century rather than looking for a handout. If I don’t pay the money for a paper, why do I want MY tax dollars going to the newspapers.

As we have seen, if a business isn’t meeting the needs of the buyers they need to figure a new business plan not to look for a handout from the government.


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