Barney Frank at work making sure Acorn gets money

This is something that needs to be shouted from the rooftops and passed on to your friends. It is about YOUR money going to support ACORN. Yep, YOUR money is going to support ACORN, who has been indicted for voter fraud. Who is supporting it? BARNEY FRANK. You know the guy whose boyfriend got tons of money from Fanny Mae, and the reason why Fanny Mae’s problems were not focused on until it was too late. He protected Fanny Mae the same way he is now protecting ACORN. The difference now is that we are watching him and bringing it to attention.

Here is an article to read about what is Frank is doing. Bachmann put an amendment into a bill that would not allow criminals to receive federal money. Now, Frank is saying he didn’t read the amendment (or didn’t realize) that would not allow ACORN to receive money. He now wants to change that amendment so ACORN can receive money. He is supporting ACORN over the country and citizens that he was elected to protect.

The Hill


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