Great post about Obama’s presidency

Great post about how sad it is that Obama is not out there promoting USA but actually apologizing for the fact we are successful. I will put it in other terms. How would you feel as a employee or stockholder in a company if the CEO was acting the same way about the company? You know saying that the employees although successful really are not important and snickering it up with companies that would love to be able to see your company fail so they could gobble it up at a very cheap price? You would be looking for another job or you would be selling the stock fast. Well, that is exactly what Obama is doing to the country and yet people seem to think this is acceptable behavior.

Well, some people, but others like D L Hammack at American Thinker, are no longer laughing but beginning to cry for this country.

I really hate to use the private sector analogy but it might be the best way to see what is happening to this country.


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