Why is everyone swooning over her?

Can someone please explain to me what is so great about Michelle Obama? She really has no fashion sense, even though we are told she does. Sorry, just because a pair of shoes have a high price tag doesn’t mean they look good or accent your feet well. By the way, where was the support in the shoes? I swear, I have seen better looking shoes at Target. But, in this article, everyone is swooning about her, and I just don’t get it. She went to college, she got a graduate degree, she has worked, she spends time with her daughters, she now volunteers (never heard she did this before becoming first lady.) Why is everyone making a big deal over it? She is actually the third first lady to have an advanced degree. As I started the posts about previous first ladies, I have found that they accomplished so much more than she did at a time when women had no rights and very little education. What is it about her that everyone is swooning about? On top of that she has how many people working for her to make sure she looks great and appears to be organized? Like I said before, there are a lot of women who work full time raise a family and support their husbands’ careers without any help. So, why does she do so little and get so much praise. Is it because people really expect a lot less from her and the little she is doing is more than they expect? Please explain it to me.

Michelle Obama is Beloved?


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