9/11 and Obama

I’m not surprised by the flyby of AF1, Obama showed us how he felt about 911 before he was elected. But, no one who voted for him would think badly of anything he did, so he got a pass. Now, he is getting a pass again by passing the buck. He really doesn’t get that he is the leader of the country and that everything that happens by those on his team ultimately are his responsibility. He can’t keep passing the buck because he is in charge.

I think these two videos say a lot about what Obama thinks about America and the impact that 911 had on us. The first video is Air Force One scaring New Yorkers and the second video is Obama at the memorial for 911 with John McCain on 9/11/2008. At about 1:20 you will see McCain laying his flower on the memorial while Obama just throws his flower on the memorial. So, with that little action are we really surprised by the photo op or the flyover because the pilot needed some flying hours? And, by the way where was Miss finally proud of my Country Obama that she was too busy to attend the memorial?


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