Democrat putting mileage tax back on table

Remember when this idea came up a month or so ago and Obama ended up being against it. On top of it, remember when he pointed out that 95% of taxpayers would get a tax credit of $400. Well, it looks like a democrat has found a way to get that money back. Yep, once again the idea of taxing us per mile that we drive is back on the table. Big brother watching where and how we drive our cars and then making us pay tax on the miles we drive.

Besides the tax we will pay, remember that all the tax paid by truckers will end up increasing the cost of the items you buy… everything from food to luxury items will go up just because of this tax.

Top lawmaker wants mileage-based tax on vehicles

Next time you fill up your car, look at the percentage of tax that you are paying for each gallon you are buying.


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