Obama’s grand strategy

Really great article by Charles Krauthammer about Obama’s healthcare reform plans. Umm, I wonder does this plan include ALL those who are covered under government plans. You know the plans I mean, the ones that cover Obama, his team, and Congress.

Here is a little blurb from the article.

Obama’s own budget projections show staggering budget deficits going out to 2019. If he knows his social agenda is going to drown us in debt, what’s he up to?

He has an idea. But he dare not speak of it yet. He has only hinted. When asked in his March 24 news conference about the huge debt he’s incurring, Obama spoke vaguely of “additional adjustments” that will be unfolding in future budgets.

Rarely have two more anodyne words carried such import. “Additional adjustments” equals major cuts in Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.

Read the article

I just have one question for those who support this plan. What are you going to say when you are told that your parents will have to die because the government doesn’t think their life is worth it? What will you tell your children when they ask why their grandparent had to die? Come on they already ask that question when everything possible is done to save them. What are you going to say when you realize that you voted for the guy who is now saying that you can’t have the drug or treatment for cancer because you aren’t worth the cost of it?


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