Why don’t we hear about women

I was glancing through headlines when I saw one that said that a study has determined that Hispanics are targets for abuse. I am not disputing the study because I didn’t even read the story because immediately I wondered something. Why do we NEVER see a headline about women being targets for crime? Why do we NEVER see women who are raped or otherwise a victim of a sexual crime not identified as a victim of a hate crime. I know that women have come a long way since the days when women were seen as at fault or asking for it when they were raped. In fact, rape is now viewed not as a sexual but as a violent crime full of hate toward women. What a minute, isn’t that basically how every other hate crime is defined? So, why are women not considered to be victims of hate crimes? But, back to my original question. Don’t get me wrong, I think women are strong and can handle what may come their way, but at the same time women are victims of rape, domestic violence and other abuses because of their sex, yet they never are seen as targets for abuse, even within their culture. It doesn’t matter if they are Hispanic, african-American, Asian, Caucasian, or any other ethnicity, they can be victims of abuse but yet it is never discussed. But, yet, we have studies that are done that show that a specific ethnicity can be considered targets, but doesn’t that sound like it is based on men to be the targets for abuse? Is it because in some way women haven’t moved as forward as it would appear and that abuse is still at some level accepted behavior?


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