Next generation of weather underground reporting

Billy Ayers pops up all the time. Now, the son of his Weather Underground buddies that are in jail for murdering men during the Brinks Armed Robbery that he raised has written a book. I wonder if his book would get much notice if he wasn’t connected to Billy Ayers. The book actually seems kind of boring to me, but…. Of course, those who love Billy Ayers will by the book to compare it to his writings. I wish they would do that for one of Obama’s book.

Son of Weather Undergrounds writes a book
h/t Hillbuzz

Forgot I wanted to make this comment about this book. Don’t you just love that this kid that was raised in the Weather Underground went to a private school and then was named a Rhodes Scholar. This is a group that wanted and wants to destroy this country because they think that their view of how the country should be run is better than the system we have in place. But, if you look at their actions, they really seem to love the perks of the capitalist system we have in place. Just like when Bill Ayers had to call the police for protect. Yep, the same “pigs” that he tried to kill in the 60s, 70s and 80s. I think he still thinks that way because he is republishing some of his earlier books.


One thought on “Next generation of weather underground reporting

  1. icr says:

    I’m not sure why Ayers is unhappy with the US.

    His side won and the ideological center is now PC-Multicultists-Cultural Marxist. Being called a “communist” is a joke, but being called a “racist(white)” could cost you your job, and, under “hate crimes” laws, your freedom.

    Now the bankrupt economy is being nationalized.and BHO plans to spend trillions more on social programs. I always suspected that Wall Street and the Bolsheviks had a lot in common.

    I think Ayers won’t be happy until the last “rednecks·” and Christian Fundamentalists are hunted down and put in re-education camps.

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