Obama and the military

Isn\’t it interesting that within a few days we find out that DHS releases a report that warns that veterans could be right wing radical extremists. Then, confidential documents about torture are released. Who does this impact? The military and those who are standing in front of us to protect us. Doesn\’t it seem like Obama really doesn\’t support the military? If you were thinking of entering the military, would the fact that he sees veterans as possible terrorists and will release confidential information that could impact you change your mind? Would you decide you would rather be part of his civilian army based in America? Yep, I think that he is doing this on purpose. It goes back to the ways that he really acted when he didn\’t have someone directing him in regard to the military that shows this. You remember, the throwing of flowers at the 911 memorial, the placing of his hand over his important equipment not his heart when the National anthem was sung or how about when he floated the idea of veterans paying for their own medical care for service related injuries. Yep, he is really showing support for the military. But, hey, maybe they should join Acorn, because that is who he is bending over backwards to support. Shows what he really thinks of this country.


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