Who is offended by the liberals talking about tea bags

Our country was founded on the belief that we have the right to protest the government. But, for some reason now that moderates and conservatives are doing the protesting, we have to be shut up. What is interesting is that the media has decided to use a sexual term to describe the tea parties. So, they can laugh at us by calling us tea baggers and say that we are tea bagging. Just use your imagination about how a certain part of the male anatomy, called a tea bag, is put in a person’s mouth. Yep, they are trying to degrade us in that matter. Here is the thing though, usually this is a sexual act done by homosexuals. So, as is asked by Larry Johnson on No Quarter, is this gay bashing by the liberal left?

Read what he says here.

And what Anderson Cooper said on CNN. I hate linking to CNN because I have not watched it since 2004. But, hearing Andy talk about teabagging is worth having this video.

No matter what I am offended that they feel the need to marginalize my right to protest by using sexual terms to describe what I am protesting. But, as you can tell, it doesn’t shut me up, it makes me stand up for myself more.

Updated to add this video.
Just a note, as the guy tries to explain why he is at the Chicago Tea Party, she tries to shut him up by pointing out that he gets $400 tax credit. Then, when he fights to continue his point, she gets mad and says that this is not for family viewing. Isn’t it interesting that Anderson Cooper making a comment about tea bagging in ones mouth is okay for family viewing, but talking about Lincoln is not for family viewing.


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