Obama giving up his center of attention position

Hey Obama, I know you really like being the center of attention so I thought you would enjoy this article that says that you will no longer be the center of attention. After all the campaigning you did last week in Europe, I know you thought that it would increase your popularity. But, according to your good friend, Chavez, he sees other countries becoming powerful while the good ole US of A loses being the unipower.

From the Wall Street Journal

I hope you realize that as you allow other countries to gain power, and the USA to lose their position of power that you won’t be as popular as you are now. Of course, since January 20th, these same countries have been telling you this, but you are so glad for any attention you get, you haven’t listened to them.

It is sad when every single other country warns our president about the mistakes he could make with his foreign policy and he doesn’t listen.


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