My thoughts on Obama’s European tour

As I keep reading about Obama apologetic European trip, I began to wonder about something especially in light of the comments I get on this site. I am wondering if citizens of countries that have socialized medicine and pay high taxes in return for the services provided by the state, really like the system or would they prefer a system more like America? I would really like to hear what you have to say about it.

Speaking of Obama’s tour, did you notice that in the picture of Obama with the troops that everyone was holding up the same model of camera. Do you think it might have been a photo op for Obama rather than for troop morale? Does it look like everyone is up close and personal or does it seem like a lot of soldiers are standing around in the back.

Gateway Pundit has a great article about what went on behind the scenes for this visit.

Here is another hint that they didn’t take Europe by storm and the honeymoon is over.


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