Billy Ayers whines again


In case you didn’t know I don’t like Bill Ayers. He is a terrorist and communist who have learned to enjoy a democratic and capitalist society while claiming that he thinks that our society should become communist. But, I really don’t like him because I have been impacted by terrorist attacks several times in my life. I don’t like that he plays down his part in it while at the same time basically making money off his part in it. If I remember right, if someone is found guilty of a crime they are not allowed to profit by writing about the crime. Yet, here he is making tons of money because of his crimes and yet because of a fluke managed to not go to jail.

But, this post from This ain’t hell is about how he is whining that he is being persecuted (and not allowed to make money in our capitalist society) by the right wing because his appearances are being cancelled. As This ain’t hell says, it is persecution when the right speaks and an appearance is cancelled but free speech when the left does it. This is a big reason why I am no longer leaning left, but firmly standing right!

Great post This ain’t hell

To read more about Bill Ayers life as a terrorist Zombie has a great post about it. Zombie’s post on Prairie Fire


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