Obama campaigning in Europe

Once again Obama is doing what he does best and that is campaign. I am trying to figure out what he is campaigning for since he holds the highest position possible at this time in the United States. Unfortunately, what we need right now is a leader not a campaigner, especially one that doesn’t seem to be doing that well at it. Read the articles and let me know what you think.

From the Guardian

Barack Obama, the World’s Greatest Orator (™all news organisations), didn’t exactly cover himself in glory when the BBC’s political editor Nick Robinson asked him a question about who was to blame for the financial crisis. Normally word perfect, Obama ummed, ahed and waffled for the best part of two and a half minutes. Here, John Crace decodes what he was really thinking …

In France, Obama decides to hold a town hall, and gets asked that most important question during this time of economic problems. Yep, the question was the all important question about when the Obamas are going to get a dog. From the Washington Times


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