Obama bows to Saudi Arabia head of state


This is a really good article about the body language involved when Obama bowed to the head of Saudi Arabia. I like the left wing comment mentioned in this article stating that he did so because Obama is about a foot taller than Abdullah and needed to do so to be able to shake his hand. Obama is about foot taller than me, does that mean he will bow down in front of me to shake my hand. Did he ever do so when he was shaking hands of anyone on the campaign trail. Seriously, this article really explores the issue about the bowing in different cultures.

From American Thinker

To me in this picture Obama looks like he sees a quarter on the floor and is bending down to pick it up. So, it appears to be a very deliberate move to bow and avoid eye contact with Abdullah.

Updated to add the video. His mouth appears to end up at the level and near Abdullah’s hand. What do you think?

Updated on 4/9/2009
I am wondering why Gibbs decided to make an issue of this when it was days old news, thus he brought it back to the front page. What is Obama doing that they want to hide behind this story?


One thought on “Obama bows to Saudi Arabia head of state

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