Public sector taking over private sector bit by bit

Here comes more grab for power. As I read this article, I wondered how the media would be responding if Obama decided to replace them. Just imagine, if Katie Couric was told, we don’t like the way you are doing the news and we will be replacing you with someone else. I know the media totally put him in office, so they think they are safe. But, that is my point, what gives anyone in the government the right to make changes in the private sector. As long as it is happening to someone else, MSM will support Obama’s team. Well, guess what MSM, soon he will come for you and who will be there to help you keep your job.

Geithner won’t rule out kicking out more CEOs

On top of that they are basically forcing Chrysler to take a deal that they can’t negotiate with Fiat because Fiat knows the terms that government has put on them. Yep, the big difference between the public and private sector. They are very different sectors and must be run very differently. There goes our tax dollars as Fiat gets a great deal.


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