Coming to your company soon

Be careful when you make a deal because you could be selling your soul to the devil comes to mind when I read this story. Just because they are giving companies money, now they want to control EVERYONE’S salary. It is just the tip of the iceberg. Why should they only do this for companies that have received bailout money? Shouldn’t they look after minorities and ensure that they are paid fairly compared to other salaries? Welcome to socialism!

Controlling salaries

Of course, part of me wants to laugh about what they are trying to do because I know that with all their grand plans they can’t handle the doing the work of tracking all this information. But, then I think of all the money they are wasting on these plans and cringe. Just think of how the money could be used to really improve this country rather than watch it go down the toilet. How would you spend the money that is going to create bigger government?


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