Pointing fingers ends up pointing 3 back at ya

It surprises me how often I read comments that Obama supporters write in response to blog posts about the job that Obama is doing. Rather than give links and or facts to counter the post, they point the finger at Bush. It was bugging me that they can’t say anything positive about Obama, but yet still support him. The only thing they can do is to look at the past.

I don’t know why, but suddenly it reminded me of a boss I had at one time. I know that everyone has been managed by this type of boss. Let me set the scene for you. You have a good boss, one who appreciates the work you do and runs the department well. The boss leaves for a new position and you get a new boss. This boss jumps in and decides to change everything. The person who has computer skills is told to focus on answering the phone. The person who spends 5 minutes trying to decide between having a turkey or ham sandwich for lunch is given more responsibility.

Then, the new boss begins to find fault with everything your previous boss did. You can see that the new boss is doing this as a way to prevent the attention being focused on the fact they can’t do their job. Thus, they change everything because they are clueless how and why the department was run the way it was run. As long as they change everything then there is no chance of failure. Right, yep that always works for a while. Until, things begin to go wrong and they can’t make the focus on the “mistakes” of the previous boss. They changed everything so the mistakes are now their own.


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