Why is Obama’s team focused on China


Why has China become such an important ally to the United States? I keep wondering this as I see it mentioned in the news on a daily basis. Think about it, prior to the last few months, when did you ever hear about China’s dealings with the United States? It is one of those countries that tends to catch my attention and I can’t remember really ever hearing so much about China, except in regards to as a cool place to visit. But, now we find out that China has been buying our debt and is in a way shaping our economy.

What really bothers me when I see a headline like this Analysis: Clinton pushes for stronger China role my mind begins to connect dots together. I don’t know what they mean but my mind sees a connection between them. The first is that for years we did not have a relationship with China until Nixon opened up the door between the two countries. Then, we had limited relationships with the country. Over time, China embraced capitalism to a certain degree because they realized that the population needed money to spend in order to sell the products they were producing. Then, I think of the comment that Obama said in his interview with O’Reilly. It was when he raved about what a great country it was compared to the United States. I was surprised by the comment, but China was hosting the Olympics at the time of the interview, so I thought he was talking about it from that point of view. But, then I read parts of Prairie Fire by the Weather Underground. Bill Ayers raves about China in his writings. I was shocked when he wrote that the Chinese peasant was better off than American citizens. At that point, Obama’s words about China came back to me. Isn’t it interesting that he raved about China in much the same way that Ayers did in the 1970s?

Now, we have Clinton, who is speaking on behalf of Obama, saying that she wants to improve the relationship with China. I just wonder why they are so focused on improving relations with China when there didn’t seem anything that needed to be fixed. I keep coming back to how they seem to love the socialist part of China more than the capitalist part of China. I wonder if they are trying to make us more like China because it seems like China doesn’t want to change.

And then there is the matter of what China wants.

Economy said China would be happiest with a long-running dialogue that does not require major policy changes.

“The United States usually comes to China with a pretty long list of what we want China to do, and, for the most part, what China wants is to be left alone,” Economy said.


8 thoughts on “Why is Obama’s team focused on China

  1. Lisa Greene says:

    China is quite an amazing place and I spent a few weeks there recently. They have a strange kind of democracy there…..the tiny decisions are decided by a very large number of people. The decisions of medium importance are decided by a very small group of people. And the very big important decisions are made by just one powerful person at the very top.

    This means that the rulers of the place have complete control over anything which matters. They are able to move hundreds of people off of their farm land, for example, to build something like the Pudong area of Shanghai, now the site of numerous skyscrapers, among which are two vying to be the tallest in the world. That place rose from farmland in just sixteen years. Many people were angry. Many suffered, but they could do nothing, because the government in China has way too much power. It makes for very clean streamlined management of the place….and very pretty buildings and streets, but it also makes for miserable enslaved people.

    I think that is what Obama likes so much about China! He likes the idea that one really really smart guy with all the wisdom in the world can just whip up a utopia out of the lives and the work of the people.

    Too bad there is no such wise and intelligent person, and if there were, it certainly would not be someone like Barack Obama, who has little experience creating or producing or managing anything in his life.

  2. garnette says:

    Thanks for your comments on China. I was there over 20 years ago, so my viewpoint is a bit dated. It was at the time when When the person at the very top had decided to allow people to have side businesses, very limited capitalism to make money. However, it doesn’t seem like that much has changed, other than now there are tons of cars rather than bikes on the road. 🙂

  3. Brill says:

    It is because they own a $1 trillion dollars of our bonds and we have to play nice so they don’t try to cash them in, cause we ain’t got it and we would have to print it (inflation)
    The only reason they don’t is we are tied at the hip now economically, they need us to succeed so they can get their benjamins.

  4. sandra says:

    I believe that China and Obama have ONE thng in mnd and that is a universal government. chna pushes for one monetary value while Obama distroyes our economic standing and future because they both want ONE government or basically you can say they want a global take over. ether way you look at it it is a form of POLITICAL TERRORISM what OBAMA has done in a short time to ths country. Americans are living in fear and have fear of the future to come. I thought that he was more for the people but looking t his actions he has taken over and abused his power as president. He has stated in videos on you tube what his plans were.

  5. LeraJenkins says:

    What necessary words… super, a remarkable phrase

  6. PeterMontee says:

    It is obvious, you were not mistaken

  7. euandus2 says:

    That the Chinese government managed, or scripted, Barak Obama while not budging on the issues says something about the Chinese character that few outside of China realize. I’ve just posted on this at http://euandus3.wordpress.com/2009/11/18/china-stage-managing-barak-obama/, drawing on my visit to China.

  8. garnette says:

    Great post about something that as Americans we don’t realize about the Chinese government.

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