We have seen Canada Care

I have been wondering what would have happened if Natasha Richardson had received health care in America. My gut, based on my life experiences, told me that her death could have been prevented at some point. I have been shocked as I have read a timeline of the medical treatment she did receive. I kept wondering what the rest of the story was because it seemed inconceivable that someone could have that type of injury and not survive. Alas, there was no rest of the story.

From Michelle Malkin

On a side note what no one is pointing out is that our healthcare is a lot closer to their healthcare than we want to admit. Ask a surgeon what hoops must be jumped through to get an insurance company to approve treatment. How often they are making the decisions that need to be between a doctor and a patient. Do you want to hear that you need to keep doing a conservative treatment for something that a doctor (and second opinion) thinks needs to be treated with surgery?


2 thoughts on “We have seen Canada Care

  1. Dr. T says:

    You can read my whole piece here (quoted extensively in mentioned Malkin blog entry): http://tedstumor.blogspot.com/2009/03/natasha-richardson-epidural-hemorrhage_20.html

    And if you want an example of how government control and regulation works in our health care system look no farther than their seizure of mammography in 1993. They’ve ruined breast cancer screening since then. Read about it here: http://tedstumor.blogspot.com/2009/03/mqsa-mussolini-and-mammography.html

    We face serious shortges and degraded care if we let the Obama administration succeed in nationalizing our system, which is exactly what they are proposing no matter how they couch the language.

  2. Brill says:

    I may be wrong, but I heard they had a CT scanner available that they may not have used. They have to decide if something is cost efficient before they proceed. If they decide no, like you are not a citizen or you are old, then too bad for you.
    Health Care rationing.

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