Sarah Palin can with stand the heat, they can’t


I haven’t posted about Sarah Palin lately, so I thought I would link a couple of articles about her. In case you didn’t know, frivolous lawsuits are being filed against her as a way to bankrupt so she cannot run for President in 2012. Yes, frivolous is the word to describe them. For example, one is a woman who is suing her for wearing a coat that had a logo on it saying that Palin was advertising for the company. Umm, hey Obama that means no Polo shirts for you. I guess I need to throw away my purses that have something that is unique to the company because I am advertising for that company. What about our cars that have the name of the company on them? Come to think of it, even shoes have the brand identified in the sole, so I guess she can’t take her shoes off where people may see the soles or it will be seen as advertising for that shoe company.

While it is sad that she has hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills fighting these lawsuits, I feel like she has gotten more positive press from these frivolous lawsuits than the filers would want during their 15 seconds of fame. I have realized that those who dislike her will never see anything she does or says as positive and those who like her see her as she is and those who have no opinion will not be swayed by these frivolous lawsuits.

To end this post on a positive note, I found this post by Greta about how women are being treated. Granted, it is somewhat about Hillary, but both are strong women who are suffering abuse because they are. But, strong women can withstand abuse because they are never as weak as abusers.



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