Healthcare reform begins, we will be paying for it twice

As I began to read this article I thought good idea because it is better than forcing government coverage on everyone. But, within a few seconds, sanity returned and I realized that we would be paying taxes to support others who make choices as to not have coverage. I remember hearing a study that was done that showed that there a large percentage of people who made the choice not to utilize their employer healthcare and pay for coverage for their children because they would rather use the money for vacations and such. This was directed toward the middle class who did this not people who could not afford healthcare because of providing a roof and food for their children. I remember it clearly because I always feel that as a single person I actually don’t get equal benefits as others because they get a reduced rate for their spouse and children’s insurance. The other thing is that our money would be using to supplement companies earnings. What companies would this be? Those who do not provide healthcare for their employees.

I do think reform needs to be done in the area of healthcare but just providing insurance is not the answer. What about reform of malpractice insurance? Next time you visit your doctor, ask them what is the yearly amount paid per doctor for malpractice insurance. Another reform I would like to see if the opportunity for self-employed and small businesses to be able to group together to get better rates.

Finally, just think about this do you really want the government to provide your healthcare? This is a step in that direction


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