Just the words seize power scares me

Here is the article. But, as I said, just that he wants to seize power scares me. Now, do you see why those who didn’t vote for him were not racist? We saw what he was all about and what he would do to this country. This all ties into his treatment of Gordon Brown, Nicolas Sarkozy and our other allies compared to wanting to become allies with Venezuela, Cuba and Iran. Notice that they tend to like to seize power over businesses compared to those who have been our allies for many years.

Obama wants to seize power and take over businesses

Note that it is also in the news that China plans to introduce a new global currency. This means that the dollar has lost so much value due to all the printing Obama has done that other countries don’t want it.

Also, what is his next step after he gets the power to seize businesses? Besides mandatory volunteer service since that bill is in the Senate?


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