Thank you Oprah

Dear Oprah,
Thank you so much for using your role as a talk show host that knows so much about public administration to support Obama for President. Because you are buddies from church, you were very much aware of what his belief system and how it would impact America. In addition, thank you for not having Sarah Palin on your show. You would have just showed your ignorance as you repeated the line that she had no experience. Isn’t it funny that she seems to be able to run her state a lot better than Obama is running the USA, considering that he has so much more experience than she does.

But, you know I really am amazed at what a schedule Obama is keeping. It really makes me wonder when he is getting any work done. Maybe you can share with us what when he will finish nominating the people who will make up his team. You know with the visit to California to campaign for his budget. Yes, the budget that will bankrupt the country. I would be worried about it because I am sure it will end up affecting you when your viewers can no longer afford to buy your magazine and other things that you recommend. Then, he decided to go on Jay Leno in order to show his humility to once again campaign to the general public. Oops, he didn’t mean to insult anyone with the waterhead joke or the Special Olympics joke. But, hey, it has done something. People who never supported the Special Olympics are now supporting them.

Before he left with all that was going on with the economy and the AIG bonuses, the trillion dollars created debt to buy debt and trying to become friends with countries that don’t like us very much, I was so happy to see that he had the time to fill out the brackets for March Madness. I mean basketball is more important than anything else.

I do hope that you will help the Obamas with their gift buying. I mean I can’t believe that someone you are friends with would buy should an inappropriate gift for the leaders of the country that is our strongest ally. But, then again, I don’t know how great your gift giving is. I tend to not buy anything that you ever promote.

I also hope that they invite you to their parties at the White House. I have heard the parties are quite the place to be with worries about people destroying the furniture and congo lines. It is great that as people worry about keeping their jobs and their homes that Obama is able to show that all is not bad with their nightly entertaining with such a great menu. Speaking of entertaining, it was so nice that he took Michelle on a weekend get away to Chicago for Valentine’s Day. I mean that he didn’t need to drop everything to sign the Stimulus Bill that he forced through Congress so quickly. You know the bill that no one had time to read that contained the provision that is now headline news because of the AIG bonuses.

Where is he planning on going for spring break? I understand that he won’t be able to attend the Gridiron Dinner because of it. It is so nice that he is putting his vacation in front of his presidential duties.

Before I forget, it is very interesting how Michelle is putting such a emphasis on military families. I am surprised because it doesn’t seem like he really supports the military, with the skipping of the Medal of Honor Inauguration Ball and most recently thinking he could save a few pennies in his 3 trillion dollar budget by having veterans use their private insurance to pay for service related injuries.

I am just wondering with all that he is doing, when does he have time to be the leader of the country. Thank you again, for in your wisdom supporting Obama for presidency.



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