Obama has been challenged to a bowling match


As you have heard in the news, last night Obama said a couple of things about developmentally disabled people that were less than flattering. In response, Kolan McConiughey, a Special Olympics competitor who has bowled three perfect 300 games, wants to take on Obama. The White House had no comment when asked about the comment.

Special Olympian Challenges Obama to Bowl Against Him

This is what Hillbuzz is saying about it as they ask that we all call, write, post about the incident and challenge to ask everyone to stand up for the men, women and children that Obama demeaned on Jay Leno.

People, Special Olympians everywhere need your help. Pick up the phone and start calling, or start faxing, every elected official you can think of to stand up for the men, women, and children Obama demeaned on Jay Leno last night.

For the next few weeks, we are going to drive this story with everything we have got — and we ask you to activate all of your friends, neighbors, family, message boards, and everyone else you know to help with this. All of us, from both sides of the aisle, need to come running when ANYONE with special needs is attacked by anyone in power, ESPECIALLY the President of the United States.

Shame on him.

On Thursday March 19th, Obama ridiculed the Special Olympics, then later made a derogatory reference that’s street slang for people with Down’s Syndrome. On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Obama first compared his March 2008 bowling peformance in Pennsylvania to “something out of the Special Olympics”. Later, when Leno asked him about the dog he promised his daughters (but still hasn’t given them), Leno mistakenly called the dog a Portuguese Waterhead, instead of a Portuguese Waterdog. ”Waterhead” is urban slang for someone with a developmental disability, most usually Down’s Syndrome. Obama, always quick to inject urban slang in his press ops and other appearances, knew exactly what “waterhead” means in slang circles, laughed, then made another joke about the dog running around, looking ridiculous, bumping into things — which clearly implied a Portuguese Waterhead, as Leno called it, would be a dog with developmental disabilities that made it behave that way.

This was the absolute height of hilarity to Mr. Hope & Change.


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