Tell us what you really think about citizens and illegal aliens

I find these two articles very interesting. I think it shows how democrats really feel about the citizens and those who do not bow down to them. The first is that Missouri police have been instructed that Christians and others may be terrorists. Here is the article about it.

So, I wasn’t really that concerned about the article then I remembered seeing this video of Nancy Pelosi. This is the one where she says it is un-American to raid business looking for illegal aliens.

Let me get this straight. If we are citizens who may be more to the right and support ideas to the right, then we are suspected terrorists. But, if we are illegal aliens, then we are encouraged to break the law by staying in the country. From the article and the video, it seems like police are being directed to go after citizens while told to not raid businesses for illegal aliens.

God Help our country.


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