They found a way to take all the blame

This article scares me. I feel like this really is Obama pushing his agenda through and the citizens of this country be damned. He thinks he is in control and what he wants will be done. Now, the democrats are joining him and trying to push his budget and all the other measures he wants using a reconciliation so that the minority would not be able to say a word. Well, as much as I fear what this will do to the country. At least if they do it, then all the blame can be placed on them.

Obama May Use Legislative Ploy to Jam Through Health, Tax Bills

President Barack Obama may try to push through Congress a health-care overhaul, energy proposals and tax increases by using a partisan tactic that would thwart Republican efforts to block the measures.

The administration and congressional Democrats are debating whether to use a parliamentary procedure called reconciliation to advance some of the biggest items on the president’s agenda. The move would allow Democrats to approve plans to raise taxes by $1 trillion, create a cap-and-trade system to rein in greenhouse-gas emissions, and overhaul health care without a single Republican vote.

I’m just getting worried that we won’t make it until 2010 to get this group out of power.


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