Obama finding anger backfiring

Hey Obama,
Your attempt to make us mad about the bonuses isn’t working on me. Personally, I believe that as long as they meet the requirements of their contract with the company for their bonuses they get them. While I might disagree with whether they deserve them, I don’t believe in breaking employment contracts. It is just how I don’t think it is right for companies to suddenly decide to change a person’s pay by expecting them to take days off without pay because of the economy.

Also, I am wondering what else is going on that is not making the news because of the headlines about the AIG bonuses. Could it be HR1388 or could it be that you want Veterans to pay for their healthcare? What else is no one picking up that is going on?

Or maybe it is how much money you got from them in donations?

Anger isn\'t working


One thought on “Obama finding anger backfiring

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