Don’t know about bonuses and what else don

So, how secure do you feel with a President that signs a bill that allows for these bonuses, but now says his team had no idea that AIG was going to pay out $165 million in bonuses? It is interesting that I remember hearing about the hearings back in December, but the man who was about to become President had no idea about the bonuses? Of course, if you read the quote very carefully, it sounds like he knew the bonuses were still there, just not the exact amount of the bonuses. You know how he knows very well how to state something so it is not exactly a law. Kind of like in that big speech he gave when he said that the stimulus package did not have a single earmark. Nope, it did not have a single earmark, it had too many to remember earmarks.

I didn’t know about the bonuses

“Everyone knew that there were retention bonuses on the books,” an Obama administration source said, “but no one (in the Obama administration) knew about the $165 million for the Financial Products division” until March 5.

But, my question is this, if he doesn’t know about the bonuses what else is he not aware of that will leave us open to attack or will cause the economy to be destroyed?


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