Do you work for a small business

Chances are you do. I have read that any company that employees up to 500 people is considered a small business. In the article I have linked, you will see that even Obama says that small businesses make up 70% of all employers in the country. On top of that small businesses are probably going to be hit the hardest during this economy. Well, now they definitely will be as shown in the article. They are being hit with having to continue to pay for insurance for employees who are laid off. Yep, you know all the help that Obama gave to the unemployed, you know who pays for it, companies, especially given the 70% figure, small businesses. It seems that Obama mandates them to do this without any assistance in the stimulus bill that is supposed to help the economy not hurt it. Yep, if small businesses end up not being able to make it because of all these mandates, that will hurt the economy not help it because even more people will be out job searching. On top of Cobra, remember that unemployment benefits comes from taxes paid by employers. So, if more money is needed, most likely at some point the taxes that are paid by employers will be increased. You know what I am going to say, those taxes will end up being paid by you and me because they just pass them on to us in whatever we pay for services or products.

Obama Healthcare Law


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