Articles to check out

From MSNBC, this article about Gregg’s discussion with Geithner about his budget. Basicaly, Gregg told him that his forecast is a lie with charts and all.

It was obvious to most Capitol Hill insiders why President Obama wanted Republican Judd Gregg as a member of his cabinet: He’s one of the sharpest money-minds in Congress.

But instead of getting Gregg’s counsel within the administration, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner found himself today of the receiving end of Gregg’s fiscal conservative wrath.

Or how about this article from the Washington Post about the treasury finding billions to send to third world countries. Yep, as people get laid off here and struggle to find another job, billions of our dollars are going to support others around the world.

I wonder if Obama has decided the dire emergency is no more and the economy is not as bad as he said it was is because the stock market is going up or because he needs more money or if he figures he has enough now. Oh, and he says that now it will begin to recover. I wonder who is telling him it will begin to recover, because increasing taxes will do the opposite from what I am hearing. I will make the economy recover.


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